Born and based in Menorca.
We are proud of our unique heritage and insular values, which especially resonate with loyalty to innovation and design, careful attention to detail, and proximity to our clients and partners.

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LP is a creative studio driven by Design Thinking. We are captivated by the creative process and the materialisation of ideas.

Our multidisciplinary team is devoted to excellence through carefully studying and methodically approaching every project we embrace.

We believe in the power of design to foster innovation and emotion whilst bringing Your ideas to life.

Your Vision is Our Goal.


Through carefully studied and engineered solutions, we aim to produce touching spaces that are born from a fine-tuned balance between sense and function. We are experts in space optimisation and characterisation thanks to our product design and graphic design expertise. From idea to execution, we make sure that reality matches your vision.


Following our Design Thinking methodologies, we pursue true understanding of the challenge we face before crafting and materialising its solution in a functional, physical form. Ultimately investing all of our focus and resources to bring surprise, delight, love and connection to the final user.


In the current digital era, and even more than ever, an image is worth a thousand words. Visual communication is an essential and universal language, capable of making us feel love, connection or attraction towards a simplified idea or aesthetic interpretation ahead of its realisation in the physical world.


LP studio was born in 2020 as the first multidisciplinary design and engineering studio in Menorca.

Menorca is our home, but thanks to our international upbringing and digital presence, we know no borders and we are proud to be a global studio working with clients all around the world.

Founder Lluc Pons Cloquells (Menorca, 1994) has always had a peculiar way to see the world. A scientific mind, inquisitive and observant, and a creative mind, free and impatient to express a very own way of visualising future conceptions.

This duality is what drives LP. Fuelled by curiosity and eagerness to create and express in a very intimate manner, materialised through design and the creative process.

From a very early age, he was marvelled by his Lego toys and water colours, by the mechanics of insects and birds, and by the ingenuity of man's greatest inventions. A passion that swiftly crystallised into his design and engineering education, initially self pursued and later completed in Barcelona's Polytechnic University. After an early career in The Hague and London from 2017 to 2019, he returned in Menorca where he completed challenging yacht design projects before fulfilling his childhood dream of establishing LP studio.

Today he shares his passion and vision with a young growing team and with like minded, design loving clients and collaborators.

Lluc Pons


We believe in punctuality and loyalty, in their broadest definitions, as lighthouses that guide us towards higher and more successful goals that contribute to achieve not only better singular results, but also a honest design ethos. We advocate for a more sustainable future - through honest work and use of resources - and the most serious respect towards our clients' goals and time.

Design and engineering are our tools, and we are thrilled to use them to improve and elevate our results in pursue of progress and innovation.

"We simplify, we perfect, we start over... Until every thing we touch enhances each life it touches."


For more than 5 years we have been developing our design thinking driven methodologies, which we carefully follow in every project.

Design thinking is the set of cognitive, strategic and practical processes through which concepts, products and services are developed. This methodology promotes innovation and rigour in the design process. Designers and engineers who adopt design thinking incorporate problem-solving thinking by mainly considering the identification of the vision and desired solution as a framework and thus facilitate the study and understanding of the problem to be addressed.

Our user-centred design thinking approach is heavily focused on fostering innovation and considering the project from a designer- maker-user framework.

Our LP method allows us to methodically study and fully understand every project we face, which is a key asset to successfully foster innovative solutions that are rendered in strong results that are developed with all key stakeholders in mind. We believe our method is our guide and we proudly enjoy the process that allows us to achieve solutions that bring joy and success to our clients and us.

LP methodLP method chart

Our method is divided in three phases: we first devote our biggest designer effort to understand the nuances and user requirements of the challenge ahead. Later, we explore the possibilities that would bring innovative solutions to the needs we defined; considering our maker partners, project engineering requirements, and manufacturing processes to allow the realisation of such solutions. Lastly, during the materialisation phase, we carefully prototype and test our designs with the final user in mind, in a way that helps us detect and polish final details ahead of a successful implementation.


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1. Discovery

We will meet and discuss
what your vision is during your
30-minute discovery call.

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2. Comprehension

We will study and understand your vision and come up with a quote and project plan.

LP process - step 3 icon

3. Exploration

We will get to work and apply our methodologies to present you with an initial proposal.

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4. Materialisation

We will collaboratively refine and perfect a solution that meets your initial vision.

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