Integral interior design, landscape design and project management + execution of a 250+sqm residence in Menorca's privileged coastline.
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Located on the natural and pristine coastline of Menorca, this house was designed by architects Tóbal Torrent and Guillermo Carreras. The building takes advantage of the sloping terrain, seamlessly blending with the stunning clear waters of the sea in front. The house features a single-floor design for living spaces, with a focus on achieving harmony between the interior and exterior areas. This creates an impressive sense of connection and openness throughout the residence.

By being involved in the project from an early stage and maintaining regular weekly contact with the clients, architect, builders, and construction stakeholders, we achieved a highly detailed definition of the interior and landscape design. This definition includes our signature product design, lighting design, and Mediterranean landscape definition, which enhance the aesthetic and functional value of all spaces. Our involvement in the project's management and execution also improved communication and understanding of details while reducing stressful decision-making times for both the client and construction stakeholders.

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Interior Design

Custom Project Execution

Project Management

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Architecture: Tóbal Torrent

Construction: Blas Fernández SL

Quantity Surveyor: Poncio Palliser

The perfect match

Big residential projects, with many individual spaces often pose a challenge in material + colour and trim definition. It is common to see a big mixture of styles and materials, which results in a lack of character and general order. Following our methodologies, we study the space as a whole, taking care of user experience, interior characterisation and product and feature design; slowly increasing granularity until we reach the finest details that bring delight and highly polished solutions.

Decisions simplified

Today's hyper-communicated world, with abundant Instagram and Pinterest ideas, has democratised and globalised a vast pool of concepts and styles. Whilst this is inspiring and enables efficient and fast brainstorming processes, it is also responsible for the paradox of choice. Too much styles and possibilities often result in doubt and incapacity to decide. Aware of this situation, our methodologies simplify choice processes and help our clients to quickly visualise and choose their dreamt mood and styles.

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